December 2, 2006

Wrong Size = Being Poorer

In today's NY Times it quotes research that not only does the wrong portions lead to heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, liver disease, sleep apnea, and a shortened life span, but that it costs thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Not only can obese people expect higher medical expenses, but they tend to make less money and also accumulate less wealth in their shortened lifetimes.
(More pounds, fewer dollars)

“Being overweight can be dangerous to your wealth,” said Jay L. Zagorsky, Ohio State University economist.

Anytime you “supersize” a fast-food meal, it increases your medical expenses by $6.64 for men (and $3.46 for women).

Research shows that employers considered “people of size” as lazy, weak-willed or too unattractive to interact with customers. Only Michigan outlaws weight discrimination.

Bottom line: The obese accumulate only about half the assets of the normal-size American.

Let’s list the eating establishments where we can get served the RightSize of food, and help everyone towards better health and more wealth.

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