December 6, 2006

Types of food vs. food portions

Life would be pretty boring without a spectacular variety of foods. That includes sugar, salt, chocolate, flour, coffee, wine, beer, and pizza. I don't think anyone wants to get rid of "nature's" foods.

But, let's face it, food in today's society is not just sustenance. It's pleasure, it's emotional, it's comforting, it's exciting.

It's also -- for some -- addicting. Just like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol; eating food can be extremely addicting, and difficult to control. And just like those other addictions, Americans need a little help. Not a lot. Just a little help from the "I'm not going to take it anymore" consumers; and maybe, a little help from the government.

What's wrong with serving appropriate portions? Let's see a new headline in the newspapers:

McDonald's eliminates Supersizing, moves to RightSizing.
Other restaurants to follow.

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