June 24, 2008

The Worst Food in America -- 2008

My new favorite magazine, Men's Health, and its companion website has named the worst food in America.

And I would have to agree. Drum roll please, here's the worst food in America:

Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing

Check out all of the foods you should never eat.

Men's Health - Eat This, Not That - 20 Worst Foods - 1. The Worst Food in America

June 5, 2008

Bottom of the food chain

One day you are on top and the next day you're on the bottom of the food chain.

Just ask Clay Dover of Bennigan's and Pondersa restaurants. Just this year, the President and CEO of Metromedia Restaurants, accepted the Cheers Magazine Award for Beverage Excellence and the title of Best Chain Spirits Program for Bennigan's.

Last week he resigned.

This week the company faces bankruptcy.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Metromedia, the owner of national casual-dining chains Bennigan's, Ponderosa and Steak and Ale, is in talks with its major lender GE Capital Solutions in an effort to stave off a possible bankruptcy filing.

Why? A failed business model? A failing economy? A failed nutritional menu at all of these restaurants?

Is all of the above the correct answer?

The WSJ reports life has become difficult for casual-dining chains as consumers cut back on discretionary spending. And at the same time food prices for everything from corn to steak are on the rise. (Too many years of prices held down by government subsidies.)

Other chains struggling with unhealthy P&Ls are Outback Steakhouse and Rudy Tuesday.

June 4, 2008

In-depth look at childhood obesity

I urge everyone in America to read the Washington Post series on childhood obesity.

[About this series: We are all responsible for the childhood obesity epidemic: parents, government, schools, communities, companies, the health system. This five-day series searches for solutions.]

For a quick summary see: CalorieLab Calorie Counter News.