December 7, 2006

Restaurants have a huge business opportunity

There's two ways to look at changing how we eat out. One, is to have the government dictate how, what and where we eat. That's what New York City is starting to do. Two, restaurants could do it on their own. They have a huge business opportunity to start providing extremely healthy foods and healthy portions. Right now this article -- Is eating at home healthier? -- says that people think it's better to avoid eating out. And that's so true...for right now. Imagine if restaurants could provide healthier foods? We eat out 33% of the time now. Can you imagine if that went up to 40 or 50 percent?

With trans fats being banned critics are screaming about taste and flavor. Are you serious? Bakers and chefs cannot make foods taste good without trans fats? What did the world do before trans fats? It's just hard for me to understand how we can't have taste without trans fats.

And by the way, to give those fast-food, trans-fats, french fries flavor don't we have to add corn syrup-ladened ketchup to them?

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