January 13, 2017

When is a calorie more than a calorie?

I always thought a calorie is a calorie. Whether the calorie comes from sugar, fat or a snickers bar.  But there might be more to it...if we just honestly studied the relationship of food and calories and weight.

NY Times article on sugar and calories.

December 31, 2016

What foods to give up in 2017

It's a new year.  And new foods to avoid. This is a pretty good list.  Good luck in the new year.

2017 foods to give up

May 18, 2015

Lack of exercise is NOT the problem in America

If you have read this blog for the last seven years, you already know this: only by cutting down on portions (thus, calories) will you lose weight. You can't exercise enough to lose just the calories of lunch, let alone, breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snack).

Read this Washington Post article, if you don't believe me, Get rid of that Fitbit.

May 12, 2015

Try eating just appetizers when eating out

There are many strategies for not overeating at restaurants. Portion control is one of them. Too many restaurants -- in the name of value -- provide too much food.

However, you can eat well and healthy at restaurants.  This New York Time article tells you how to eat healthy at restaurants.

Following these strategies could be a smart way to cut your calories.

March 3, 2014

Child obesity rates have NOT dropped

Don't believe everything you read.  If you take a closer look at the recent study in the news, you'll quickly see that obesity rates did not drop by 43 percent. The authors of the study actually said the rates stayed the same. 

Read an analysis on Slate.com

February 28, 2014

We will stop junk food advertising in schools

With an eye toward future Americans, the First Lady is working to change the way junk food is advertised in schools. By eliminating it. It's clear that advertising skews what young people eat. For too long the schools have said one thing, while vending machines and lunch choices said another. Now the soft drink companies will be singing a new tune.

Cutting out junk food ads in school

January 24, 2014

Information is the key to good nutrition

It looks like -- finally -- that the government will amend the rules around nutritional information.  And it's about time.  How many times have you searched for the calories of a package?  And don't get me started on the serving size.  But now it appears all will change.

What changes would you suggest?  My first suggestion is to put the percentages of sugar, corn syrup, and all those "bad" things right on the label.  If sugar is the third ingredient, does that mean 10% of the product is sugar or 49%?


October 3, 2013

Eat fast food and you will die

Jon Basso, founder of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, has made a career of serving unhealthy food, and he wants to make sure everyone knows his food will kill you. And to prove it, he brought in a bag of the cremated remains of a customer who died at his restaurant

Read  more at: LA times.

July 30, 2013

"I'm just looking" at calories

Do you want to know how many calories are in that chicken pasta? Most people say no.  I don't believe that.  
I believe most people want to know. They may still choose the higher calorie food.
But knowledge is power. Whether you use it or not, is freedom.