October 3, 2013

Eat fast food and you will die

Jon Basso, founder of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, has made a career of serving unhealthy food, and he wants to make sure everyone knows his food will kill you. And to prove it, he brought in a bag of the cremated remains of a customer who died at his restaurant

Read  more at: LA times.

July 30, 2013

"I'm just looking" at calories

Do you want to know how many calories are in that chicken pasta? Most people say no.  I don't believe that.  
I believe most people want to know. They may still choose the higher calorie food.
But knowledge is power. Whether you use it or not, is freedom.


January 9, 2013

Pepsi targets kids

Marketing cigarettes to children is prohibited, so why can Pepsi continue to market colored corn syrup to kids?

Pepsi’s “Live for Now” campaign is the Joe Camel of soda marketing to youth:

"Soda consumption is a major contributor to adolescent obesity. Fortunately, soda consumption has been declining recently, presumably as a result of adverse media attention and policy initiatives like the ban on most sugar-sweetened beverages in schools.

Pepsi’s Live for Now campaign, like the infamous Joe Camel campaign used by R.J. Reynolds, is designed to prey upon these adolescent vulnerabilities in an effort to reverse declining consumption trends as well as to market a particular product."