December 3, 2006

Even college students get the WrongSize

It's bad in the elementary schools; it's bad in high school, but can you believe colleges? They have fixed the old nasty-tasting cafeterias with all-you-can-eat "WrongSize" buffets.

Check out this article Freshmen 15

Krista Lewis, a U of Iowa senior from Downers Grove, Ill., said dormitory living
was an adjustment her freshman year. "Living in the dorms, the whole
buffet style of food is really hard if you can't control yourself. I had to learn to
start taking smaller portions," said the math and education major.
Everyone knows that portion control is extremely important, so why have unlimited buffets at college? Why not pass cigarettes out? Drugs too?

If we all know it's bad, bad, bad --

Good habits include controlling food portions, substituting fruits
and veggies for some high-calorie foods, and getting regular exercise -
which doesn't have to be pounding away at a treadmill, Kathy Mellen, a
dietitian with U of I Student Health Services
-- why do we offer it?

In 1964 it was finally recognized by the American government that smoking was bad. How many years did it take for corporations get the message? And that was just one industry. It's going to take a revolution to get all the industries to practice the RightSize.

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