December 5, 2006

America's call for Health Action

Just this week, the American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention™, presented its 2006 America’s Health Rankings™: A Call to Action for People and Their Communities. Prevalence of Obesity

And the results are not good for America.

Obesity -- the result of not eating the RightSize -- is expanding.

The average [percentage of obesity] for the United States is 24.4 percent of the adult population, up from 23.1 percent of the population in 2005 and double the rate of 11.6 percent of the population in 1990. In the United States, this means that over 53 million adults are obese. If the population of the United States could return to the weight status of 1990, there would be over 25 million fewer obese individuals.

Colorado, Hawaii and Connecticut have the least obese individuals. The worst states are: Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services,
Michael O. Leavitt, did not address any aspect of obesity or serving the right portions in our restaurants and schools. (Letter from HHS.) The government, corporations, schools don't get it yet.

My call to real action. Stop feeding us the WrongSize. Start feeding us the RightSize.

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