December 1, 2006

We all are thinking the same

Two items:

1. Today as I was shopping at the local grocery store chain, I became convinced that all of America wants the RightSize portions. The check clerk -- a 40-something Hispanic lady -- mentioned to me that it's great I was buying all these vegetables. Well, I rarely, if ever, strike up a conversation with strangers, but I said, yes, you need to eat your vegetables, but just as important to eat the right portions. And immediately she jumped on that and said, "I know, I know, I tell my husband all the time. You must eat just this much," and she made a fist.

Here's a lady -- totally different in so many ways from me -- and she's thinking the exact same thing. We -- white, black, Hispanic, Asian -- have to start eating the RightSize.

2. On the radio today it was mentioned that obesity -- the WrongSize -- is the new smoking. It costs America more money and causes more illness than cigarettes. No matter what you eat, if it's the RightSize you'll be healthier.

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