January 30, 2007

We're not doing our children any favors

Here's a study that anyone could have predicted the conclusion.

Children who are obese and overweight have more complications in surgery than non-obese children.

What's the only thing we adults have to do in this world? Just leave it a little better than we found it.

We aren't doing that by making our children overweight. We make every aspect of their lives less than what it could be. Now when they get sick, we potentially make them sicker.

Now, some of you, are getting my message completely wrong. I'm not for "normal" weight because of supermodels, or movie stars, or even because of looks at all. My mom always said to me that beauty is only skin deep. And no matter what your weight is people can be beautiful. Appropriate weight people can be "ugly". And I'm not saying that the BMI is the only way to measure the RightSize.

I'm just saying that if you are overweight it's just not healthy. I know it's a bit trendy right now to condemn the diet industry and the celebrity business. But let's get those portions appropriate because we want to leave our children healthier, not mimicing Paris Hilton or Nicole Richey.

Here's part of the NY Times article.
The risks associated with the growing problem of obesity among young people may be extending to the operating room table.

Researchers have found that almost a third of the children who needed surgery there over a four-year period were overweight.

The researchers said it was widely accepted among surgeons and anesthesiologists that obese adult patients presented “enormous” challenges. With a threefold increase in weight problems among American children and adolescents over the past three decades, they said, doctors who operate on younger patients are already facing the same issues.

The extra weight can cause difficulties, including maintaining open air passages for patients who are anesthetized. There is also evidence that in overweight people, surgical wounds are more likely to become infected.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog last week and have been slowly reading through old posts. Keep up the good work! Portion size, though, is only part of the problem. If people eat smaller portions of fat-filled and sugar-laden "gak" on a daily basis, they may lose a few pounds but they will never attain a state of good health. JD :-)

Portion Power said...

I would contend that it would be darn difficult to eat the RightSize of any fat-filled and sugar-laden "gak". My definition of RightSize is to stay within "your" appropriate calories...and fats, and sugar daily. I don't want to be the food police, just the portion police.

Did Americans eat that great in the 1940s and 50s? With all that lard, coke and meat. Yet, only when portion sizes increased did the obesity problem start.

I'd like to see a study of healthy people eating healthy portions of what-we-call unhealthy foods. Does a little fat, sugar, meat and all the rest have the same effect?

Thanks for reading.