January 27, 2007

Do you think restaurants are catering to you?

The National Restaurant Association is telling us that restaurants are catering to us.

Do you think that's true?

In their survey, they say that:

• Six out of 10 adults say tableservice restaurants make it easy for them to choose the portion size they want.
• 70 percent of customers say they often order larger portions to turn tonight's dinner into tomorrow's lunch.
• Roughly eight out of 10 restaurants offer vegetarian entrees.*

Even if that is true, 40 percent of adults say that they are not getting the portion size they want (and this survey was done in 2001). And 70 percent admit that the portions are so big that they have to turn their dinner into a leftover the next day.

That doesn't seem to be giving people what they want. Even by the restaurant's own confession 40 percent of people don't want big portions and yet, are forced to buy them. (Don't forget you must pay good money for the bigger portions.)

Let's keep telling them that we want appropriate portions at an appropriate price.

*Source: National Restaurant Association, Tableservice Restaurant Trends 2001

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