January 23, 2007

Children's menus or building an obese person for the future?

Most nutritionist agree that RightSizing Americans is a three-legged stool of portion control, exercise and behavior modification.

Two of these legs are manipulated by marketing, corporate goals of profit and growth, and 25 years of poor choices.

Portion control and behavior are cunningly skewed everyday for you. Even if you are the most disciplined person, it's difficult to buck habits and upbringing.

It's doubly difficult for children.

Even in Ireland, they are asking why the restaurants don't serve the RightSize portion and the RightSize of nutrients to children.
“Of course, I’m not surprised when you consider the way children are exposed to junk food. When you go to a restaurant, these so-called Children’s Menus are totally oriented to food with high fat and sugar content. Why doesn’t this menu offer the option of half portions of the main menu, meat and two veg?” asked principal of Clare Island’s national school, Mrs Mary McCabe.
Parents and children cannot do it alone. The restaurant industry needs to wake up.

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