January 10, 2007

Kudos to NYC restaurant

As the blog goes on, we want to hear from you on what restaurants are serving appropriate portions at appropriate prices.

Although it may be out of the price range for many of us, The Bar Room at the Modern (9 West 53rd St. NYC), may be the best restaurant in all of New York City.

The New York Times today gave it 3 stars and had many kind words on the food.
The Bar Room adheres to an increasingly popular small-plates approach, intended to give diners more tastes of more things and more control over their meals. And it aces that approach perhaps better than any restaurant around town...
Some small-plates menus make you feel that you’re being exiled to an island of sorry leftovers, asked to swoon over salumi, or subjected like gastronomic guinea pigs to experiments a chef would never try on an entree-size canvas. The Bar Room’s menu makes you feel that you’re eating in an easy — but no less privileged — fashion.
Kudos to Alsatian-born executive chef, Gabriel Kreuther, and owner, Danny Meyer.

RightSize portions are coming to America, one restaurant at a time.

Let us know what restaurants served you the right portion.

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