January 20, 2007

It's Real Simple: humongous is good.

Do you realize how many times we are told that bigger portions are better?

We make hundreds of food decisions a day (says Brian Wansink in this book, Mindless Eating.) And we are influenced in thousands of ways through cues, settings and out-and-out direct marketing.

I'm sure even the people doing the influencing don't realize how they are keeping Americans fat and (happy). Just minutes ago on Real Simple, the PBS smart [my emphasis] living show, the host, Dena Querbubin-Blizzard, learns how to make a vegetable burger. Sounds healthy enough. But wait. As she bites into the bun, she doesn't call it delicious. She doesn't call it yummy. She simply says it's "humongous". I guess a "humongous" burger is a good burger.

Unfortunately, that's one of hundreds of cues and clues we get each day on eating.

No wonder we eat too much. Everyone is telling us it's good.

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