January 15, 2007

Just lip service, not food service.

More and more chefs and restaurant owners are recognizing that patrons want appropriately sized portions.

But is it all lip service? Is it just being politically correct? On one hand they smile, tell you that healthy eating is eating healthy portions. And on the other hand they want to financially punish you if you try to eat appropriate portions.

Here's an example.

In today's Connecticut Post, the owners of St. Tropez Bistro Francais, talked about healthy foods and portion sizes.

They are quoted, "To eat healthy, you control your portions. If you use a small amount, smaller portions, it is healthy. You can have variety. One day you eat meat, next day you eat fish. It's a combination of foods to make yourself healthy."

But what if you want to split with your wife or husband a simple appetizer of
Warm Brandade of Codfish Served within Olive Tapenade Crouton? Then St. Tropez Bistro is going to charge you 22 percent more...to enjoy an appropriate portion. Think that's inappropriate? If you want to split the Onion Soup Gratinée, then they'll charge you 28% more.

Not all restaurants charge for splitting dishes. We need to make sure none do. In fact, restaurants should encourage us to eat appropriate portions, not penalize us when we try.

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