March 6, 2009

Fast food salads to make you fat!

The Today show along with "Eat This, Not That" took a look at salads. You have to watch this video to see one salad which is the caloric equivalent of eating an entire pizza, and another salad that has the same calories as eight donuts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

If Applebees doesn't publish their nutrition on these items (and they DO, btw, on their Weight Watchers items, which are excellent! -- satisfied customer, no CoI), where do these numbers come from (and where can I get more)? I see the same numbers now on the Daily Plate, but what's their provenance?



Ralph said...

Many websites try to estimate the calories in all the foods at the various fast-food and sit-down restaurants. It's obvious Applebee's has something to hide, by showing only its lowest caloric items. Nearly all other restaurants show -- at least on their websites -- all the calories of all the foods. In my mind, it's like General Motors only showing you the MPG of the Cavalier, but refusing to show you the MPG of the Suburban.