January 30, 2009

Is Oprah's diet guru only in it for the money?

Byron Richards, Health Freedom editor, says that Bob Greene doesn't know what he's talking about, is causing Oprah Winfrey more harm than health, and shills McDonald's just for the money.

He makes a strong case on why all these diet books don't work, even if you are the billionaire Oprah.

It is unusual that Greene owns property with Oprah, shares financial ventures, and yet she keeps bringing him back. Richards calls this "The Failure Empire".
Bob, that is not exactly what everyone knows. Oprah's two big weight-loss experiences came on a liquid diet and by starving herself, not from following your diet and reaching an ideal weight. In fact Bob, following your diet is next to impossible , which is why Oprah so easily goes off it , and this simple fact is directly your responsibility and the fault of your diet program. Furthermore, Oprah's following your program has resulted in her having a significant increased risk for breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and early death , nice friend.

Check out his article, and see if he makes sense.

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