July 11, 2007

The Best 10 Ways to Lose 100 pounds (continued)


If you think you’ll going to lose 100 pounds by exercise then see #1. Stop fooling yourself. Exercise makes you want to eat more. You’d have to exercise hard for an hour just to burn off the calories of one donut. You’d have to exercise hard for 48 hours to burn off a large pizza.

How many people do you know that walk, run, step, bicycle, row and are still overweight? Nearly all of them. Exercise doesn’t help you lose weight. Now maybe it helps maintain your weight. Maybe it tones your muscles, so you look better. But it's the exception that proves the rule.

Don't keep eating what you have always eaten. Don't keep doing the exact same thing, you have alway done -- and add in just a little exercise -- and think you are going to lose 100 pounds. It's not going to happen. Forget exercise...for now.


Only one thing causes you to lose weight: less food. And it’s a lot of less. It’s a lot more of less than you can ever imagine. For me to lose that much weight, I started with Nutrisystem, which packaged all my meals in the appropriate portions. At first, it took only about two bites to eat the entire breakfast, maybe, three bites for lunch. By the time dinner came, I ate so fast, I don’t remember eating.

Start measuring your food. Get a scale. Get a bunch of measuring cups and spoons. I thought I was using just a teaspoon of olive oil, but in reality I was pouring 3-4 tablespoons. I thought I was eating, maybe, a ½ cup of eggs, but in reality I was eating 2 cups of eggs. At dinner, I thought I was eating just a couple of helpings. Turned out it was 8 portions of meat. And forgetaboutit when it came to pasta. An appropriate portion is 1-2 ounces. I was eating nearly a pound (with meat sauce). That’s 8 portions of pasta!

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