February 13, 2010

McItaly burger gives Italians heartburn

The nation of food has just sold out for the dollar menu.

"Fast food chain McDonald's has teamed up with the Italian government to cook up a hamburger with a national twist, but the unusual initiative is giving some food lovers cultural indigestion."
Leaders of the slow food movement call the McItaly burger a "monstrous act of national betrayal".

I went to McDonald's near the Spanish Steps just to see the differences from the US fast food joints. It seemed there were more choices for healthier foods even a few years ago. But a hamburger is still a hamburger: Fatty, salty, wasteful of land, grain and water.

Government officials offered this mixed message, hoping the McItaly burger will convince European youngsters "to forget about junk food and choose a healthier and better quality food."

Read more here...Italy critics trash McDonald's nationalist food bid.

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