February 19, 2010

Before visiting Taco Bell, visit this video

Before eating out for Mexican food, please watch this video. Just like Italian food, the more authentic the food, the healthier it will be for you.

When I lived in California (and when I visit Texas), the independent Mexican restaurants are better for you, tastier, and you are supporting local merchants.

And of course, the fish tacos are becoming more and more prevalent and I recommend those. As you know rice and beans are a naturally complementary food, and are best nutritionally for you together. But skip the cheese on the beans (you don't need that); just add a little salsa if you need more flavor. Unfortunately, the chain fast-food restaurant, can only add fat (in the form of cheese) to make the food tasty. Drive pass the Taco Bell tonight, and head straight to the little Mexican casa near you.

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