March 13, 2007

Now is the time for menu labeling!

Charles Stuart Platkin, the founder of and columnist in more than 165 daily papers, recently published his paper on whether restaurants should post nutritional information on menus.

The paper is well researched and extremely enlightening. However, I disagree with one of the conclusions. Platkin writes the current bill, the Meal Education Labeling Act, could be considered too high an aspiration given the current political climate.

I disagree. The next wave in health will be smaller portions, clear informed choices, local produce, and an emphasis on preventing diseases. This blog is dedicated to making sure the grassroots are fully informed on this important topic. Without forcing Americans to look at the obesity crisis, look at how and why the restaurants serve such large portions, and without all of us lobbying against the WrongSize, the political (and the business) climate won't change.

But give people the information and they will make the correct choice politically and nutritionally.

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