May 26, 2010

No freedom of press in Iowa

KFC Double Down "Sandwich"Image by Mike Saechang via Flickr

The Des Moines Register isn't winning any Pulitzer Prizes for this story. Seven photos of pure fatty, high-caloric unhealthy food. There're not even local dishes. They include KFC's Double Down as a food to die for. Die by, maybe, not die for. But don't expect a balanced discussion. My comments were removed in less than 10 minutes.

7 foods to die for. Des Moines: "Suck it, Jamie Oliver. Hell, we enjoy a good salad with fresh garden veggies and maybe some lean grilled chicken from time to time. But if you’re searching for all-natural, organic, healthy options for a meal, turn away. This is not that story."

I commented:

"Why not a fun article also on the most additive cigarettes? How about photo gallery of drugs? Maybe a list of intersections and traffic lights to drive through. Of course not. That would be unthinkable. Yet in a state where 26.7% of all Iowans are obese, this newspaper decides to display foods that can literally kill you. Thanks for raising my blood pressure just looking at these foods. Anyone eating these foods will be raising everyone's health costs."

The Des Moines Register couldn't take the heat and removed my comments. There's no freedom of expression in Iowa.
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