September 19, 2009

You lie! Coke.

Finally, the scientific community is jumping off the soda bandwagon.

The venerable New England Journal of Medicine said yesterday that soda is bad for you, and the only way to stop Americans from killing themselves is to tax Coke and Pepsi.

It worked with tobacco and smoking and lung disease; and it will work with corn syrup and soda and obesity.

The Wall Street Journal writes (yes, the Wall Street Journal printed this):
Beverage companies "have spent decades convincing people it's glamorous, sexy and athletic to be drinking sugared beverages, and it's time for some of that damage to be undone," said Kelly Brownell, a professor at Yale University and lead author of the paper.
The latest report joins a growing drumbeat of calls for taxes on soft drinks and other sweet beverages, which some health experts compare to calls in earlier years for cigarette taxes. Dr. Brownell originally put forward the idea of a beverage tax of a penny per ounce in a paper published in April with Thomas Frieden, who was New York City's health commissioner at the time and is now director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Of course -- just like the tobacco executives who lied for 50 years -- the corn lobby and soda executives are against anything that stops them from making Americans the most overweight and least healthy people in the developed world:

Mr. Keane said there is no comparison between soft drinks and cigarettes. "Tobacco kills, directly and irrefutably," he said. "Soft drinks don't. You can be a healthy person and have a soft drink. You can't say the same about smoking. The public gets that."
Remember for years those same executives denied tobacco killed. Now they are telling you the same lies.

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