September 12, 2009

School lunches get a "F" for nutrition

When you send your children to school, you expect at a minimum, safety.

But in most schools, there's a hidden danger. There's always been bad jokes about bad school cafeteria food. But the truth is even worst. That food could kill your children with its fatty, calorie-laden, salty food.

One parent is fighting back.

The USDA's food pyramid schema emphasizes meals where fruits,vegetables and grains are take up most of a plate of food while meat, dairy and sweets have very little room on the plate. Obviously, this is the reverse of a school lunch menu. These are hard economic times and school lunch issues can easily be forgotten.

But how we can we stand by and let our children eat food that is more chemicals than actual food? By offering the current options for school lunches, Congress is sitting idly by giving the children obesity. This will lead to and eariler onset of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

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