October 8, 2009

Plan for health

You are not alone. Everyone has trouble staying away from cheap, unhealthy, fatty & salty fast foods.

The key to healthy, non-obese producing foods is just a little planning. Not much, just a little.

The Boston Globe reports on sticking to the outside aisles of supermarkets. For me, I never go into the middle of the supermarket. Fruits and veggies are on one side of the store, and dairy products are on the other.

Take a look at this article and see if at least once a week you can plan a healthy meal for your family.

For years, Rachael Scanlon found the glut of fast food restaurants in Framingham almost too convenient. Pizza, hearty subs, and all kinds of Chinese take-out appeared regularly on the family dinner table when she lacked the time or inspiration to cook.

But the calories, cost, and monotony of these dinners drove her to reconsider this lifestyle. Even with “value meals,’’ as many restaurants call them, eating out regularly can add up quickly, from $20 to $30 for a family of four. More...

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