February 11, 2009

Restaurant critics are part of the problem

Today I read that one of the restaurant trends for 2009 will be smaller plates with a smaller price point.

That makes a lot of sense in this economy depression, and it makes a lot of sense for your waistline. This is a fantastic trend for our health, as are some of the other trends. See all of Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co.'s predictions

However, most restaurant critics don't get it. They continue to revel in the larger portions, telling you to take home part of your food for later on. Now I know most of us have taken home a doggie-bag. But I also know that most of us have thrown out leftovers which have spoiled after forgetting about them for two weeks. 

Larger portions in the long run are not healthy and contribute to wasting food. (And -- I don't know about you, but -- leftovers are never as good as the food at the restaurant.) Most of the times you ruin the food with the microwave, toughen the meat, destroy the pasta, kill the vegetables, and mostly make the food mush.

RightSizing portions also means RightSizing the price for those smaller portions. And restaurant critics need to look at portions from the RightPerspective, and not fall into the 1950s cliche that bigger is better.

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