February 6, 2009

Papa John's founder warns against eating too much pizza

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that eating too much pizza is not good for you. Now the founder of Papa John's is taking the courageous step of pointing out the obvious: "Eat pizza, not too much".

It seems even pizza millionaires are starting to worry about 30, 40 and 50 percent obesity rates in the U.S. and even in the U.K.

Let's thank Papa, and all the Mamas telling their children to eat the RightSize.

CNN.com reports:

The founder of one of America's latest pizza chains has offered unexpected advice to his customers to limit themselves to only one or two slices.

During an interview on BBC's Radio Four program in the United Kingdom, John Schnatter, said, "you can't eat five or six slices."

He was responding to a question from presenter Adam Shaw about whether he was concerned about the impact of the British government's anti-obesity drive on pizza sales.

"No. Pizza's actually healthy for you if you don't eat too much of it," Schnatter replied, adding, "You can't eat five or six slices but if you eat one or two slices it's very nutritious."

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