January 31, 2008

One NFL player found his goal

EatingWell.com says former NFL player Anthony Davis is one football player that doesn't want to die of heart disease. Even the most fit person (at one time) needs to eat the right portions (all the time).

Tackling a Weight Problem:
“Last February, I weighed 100 pounds more than I did when I played college or pro football. I wasn’t exercising,” recalls Davis. “It was a lifestyle that was killing me.” Literally. Davis had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He suffered from painful flare-ups of gout (an inflammatory disease linked with obesity). Davis also struggled with sleep apnea, an obesity-related condition in which one stops breathing several times a night. “Every night, I had to hook up to a machine that helped me breathe,” says Davis"

But Davis’s days of indulging in fat-laden appetizers are over—by his own accord. Last year was a big one for Davis. In 2006, he was “enshrined” into the College Football Hall of Fame. It was also the year that Davis decided to regain control of his life, he says.

Almost a year later, Davis is 90 pounds lighter, “just about down to my college weight,” he says. His waist measures a trim 33 inches. And he feels better than ever. “I have so much energy,” he says. “My diabetes, gout and sleep apnea are gone.” Thankful for this second chance at a healthy life, Davis speaks publicly about his positive experience with gastric bypass surgery (which, it should be noted, is reserved for very overweight people with serious medical risks).

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