January 5, 2008

Obesity begins with your thumbs

Fast food restaurants have maintained that it would be cost prohibitive to put calorie information on the menus, yet they are spending millions of dollars on technology to allow you to text your order to them. (Fast food is not fast enough it appears.)

It can't be too much money to text us back with the calorie information, and allow us to change or even cancel that fatty order.

In the future, the only parts of your body getting exercise when you eat at a fast food restaurant is your mouth and your thumbs!

From USATODAY.com:

Big restaurant chains are rushing into what could be the future of takeout and delivery food: text ordering.

Leading the way are the pizza giants. Papa John's is airing national TV spots to promote the text ordering that it launched in November. Domino's has offered mobile ordering — which requires cellphone Web access — since July. Pizza Hut is about to start promoting both text and mobile ordering.

Quiznos, Dunkin' Donuts and Subway have looked into text ordering. McDonald's is testing it in Seoul. Starbucks tested it in London and at one U.S. store.

Papa John's CEO Nigel Travis compares the potential to online ordering, which accounts for 20% of Papa John's sales. "Text is the way forward," he says. He predicts it will account for 3% of sales within two years.

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