January 4, 2008

The Zen of Obesity

It's never been this blog's intent to paint all restaurants with the same broad brush of health malfeasance.

Contrary: I want restaurants to change, like I want Americans to change. I want restaurants to evolve from purveyors of bad food to providers of good healthy food.

As I find restaurants doing the "right" thing, I'll point it out to my readers. Unfortunately, 95 percent of my blog entries will be on restaurants doing the "wrong" thing.

Today, I read in Austin360.com about one restaurant trying to "RightSize" America.

Zen Japanese Fast Food Restaurants in Austin, Texas are doing the "right" thing. (Figures that a restaurant called Zen would be about balance in your life.)

This restaurant has a fitness team which helps customers eat right and exercise. The owner of Zen Japanese Food Fast restaurants. Adam Weisberg says, "Ever since I opened this restaurant, I wanted to be health-oriented."

How did he do it? He hired a nutritionist, who developed 21-day meal plans for people on 1,300-calorie, 1,800-calorie or 2,500-calorie a day diets. He then posted the menus online and at his four Zen restaurants.

Then he took the next logical step for someone who wants to be healthy, but not the logical step for an owner of a restaurant.

Every Saturday morning he sponsors morning exercise sessions. Weisberg says he loses money on the program but doesn't mind. He is committed to helping people live healthier lives and most of all wants to help beginning exercisers and walkers.

This program like the Zen philosophy is about discovering for yourself good food and good exercise.

Hopefully today's blog/meditation will lead you to a new perspectives on your existence, which would ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Peace, grasshopper.

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