May 3, 2009

Colleges slow down fast foods

School cafeterias are teaching Americans all the wrong things about food. 

Fast, fatty, fried foods are the favorites of lazy cooks and fat students.

But some colleges are trying to change that with local, slow foods.

The Boston Globe reports:

But on a recent night at College of the Holy Cross, an entirely different scene was unfolding at one end of the cavernous dining hall: a five-course meal served on hand-painted Wedgwood china by bow-tied servers in crisp white tuxedo shirts. The stylish repast would last - gulp - two hours.

Students feasted on cream of asparagus soup, mushroom and chevre tarts, and maple-glazed hanging tender steak - all products of local farms. The din of conversation floated over the linen-covered tables as the last rays of the setting sun streamed through the wall of windows.

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