April 19, 2008

Watch your bottom with Red Robin bottomless fries

Please tell me I'm not the only person in America that thinks the restaurant, Red Robin, single-handedly is trying to make sure everyone stays fat.

The chain which started in Wisconsin is now expanding into the Northeast where I live. I saw my first Red Robin TV commercial, and I could not believe my eyes or ears. Red Robin was touting to America -- like a bartender at a AA meeting -- to come on down and have "bottomless" fries. That's right, it's not bad enough that its "Whiskey River BBQ burger" has nearly 1,000 calories, but to complement it, they give you unlimited fries. A normal order (of about 10 fries) has nearly 400 calories. But don't try to confirm those numbers on Red Robin's website. It refuses to list nutritional information.

Back to those "steak fries", (and isn't that interesting they are called "steak" fries). Is that because they have as much fat as steaks, but none of the protein?

Red Robin gets my nomination as the worst food in America this week. Its motto is: "Honest to goodness ingredients."

George Orwell was right: think about that doublespeak. Red Robin manages to tell you that its food is honest and good. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are not honest with the calories, and there is nothing good about shoving unlimited steak fries in your mouth.


Anonymous said...

C'mon...it's burgers and fries! Do you actually think there's a possibility that it WOULDN'T be full of fat and calories?? That's like going to Mexico and complaining about the heat.

Red Robin isn't the only restaurant to offer bottomless anything...what about every fast food chain out there with free refills of sugary cola. Nobody is holding a gun to your head...if you don't want the fries, it's pretty simple. Don't order them!

Greg Calabria said...

Lol ,did you go to dairy queen after you went to red robbin and complain about how fattening a ice sunday is!!! To funny!