September 26, 2007

Wait staff: what's your best and worst restaurant stories?

I thought I would use the power of the blog, to ask all wait staff their favorite restaurant story. We always hear about what goes on in the kitchen with the chefs, but now it's your turn to tell us about the food you bring to the customers.

And what about those customers? Are overweight people a pleasure or a pain to serve? From your vantage point to people overeat? Do restaurants overserve? Is the special of the day really special? And can you survive on those tips?

Let us know with your comments. Thanks.

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loydchristmas said...

Hi Ralph. For confidentiality purposes I have an amazing story of my experiences as a chef. Stories that I feel that other people in the industry and potentialy a tv series. I am telling you it is that good. let me know if you are interested.