April 25, 2007

Why coffee is not your friend

Some of your favorite foods are causing you to pack on the pounds and you don't even know it, says Elisa Zied, M.S., R.D., spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Find out why coffee, salads and applesauce are not as good as they might seem. And why wouldn't shouldn't pick up a granola bar or a sports drink after exercising.

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Jim R. said...

This is not good news for most of us, but I've had to give up coffee anyway - it's too acidic. Yet I may never be able to do without a cup or two of strong Yorkshire tea in the morning. We all have our weaknesses! At least I've stopped drinking tea or coffee after 10:00 am. More and I get too hungry. Moderation is important in everything - something we should teach our children (well, your children, as Linda and I don't have any). Oh, and also moving around more - we need to teach that, too. I keep hoping that the popularity of video games will wane but it doesn't look promising.