February 6, 2007

Let's burn the bread basket!

I went out to dinner with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend Saturday night. The waiter came around with fresh rolls, and asked each of us if we wanted one.

It was so easy to say no to this one offer. I enjoy the bread at Petite Syrah restaurant, but I decided my appropriate portions that night didn't include bread. Then my daughter made the economic observance regarding not putting a huge bread basket on the table, and just giving the three people at the table an appropriate portion. She said, it saves the restaurant money. How right she was.

What a great concept. One, it seemed very elegant to have the waiter walk around offering a small yeast roll or a slice of freshly baked olive bread. Two, it didn't violate "mindless eating" by having a big basket of bread on the table. And three, it saved the restaurant money.

I think I have found another perfectly portioned food, the hand-delivered slice of bread.

You have to admit that when one of those chain steakhouses flops down a whole loaf of bread, it's just the wrong portion to expect us to eat it all. And if we don't eat it all, it's wasted. And of course, if you don't eat it, well, it's included in your cost for the dinner, so you are paying for it any way.

Think about it the next time you are out. Wouldn't you prefer just one roll hand-delivered? If so, tell the restaurant.

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