November 30, 2006

Why do we have to have Tricks of the Trade?

In the Wall Street Journal's Nov. 29 issue is a perfect example of what's wrong with food in America. The WSJ describes that to eat healthy on the road you must turned yourself into a nutrition expert...because no one "out there" is going to help you.

The article tells you to carry nuts, trail mix and dried fruit because the airlines surely will not have it. Carry fresh fruit, baby carrots or prepackage cheese sticks...and even small cans of tuna, because the hotel will not have it. The article even says call the hotel and request a refrigerator for your room, because you know the hotel restaurant won't have anything at the RightSize for you.

That's just plain wrong. We should be insisting that airlines and hotels provide good healthy food at the RightSize for us. We're the customers. Once we start only going to airlines and hotels that provide the best for us and our children, things will change.

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